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Chris Bay

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Tech-related articles and podcasts that I have written or participated in. I have also written quite a few music articles.

2020-03-13 - How to Bridge the Teacher-Programmer Gap (Tweak Your Biz) - Some ideas on how to find more coding teachers.

2020-02-10 - Why Learning to Code Could Be the Best Thing You Do for Your Career (Thrive Global) - Why even non-developers can benefit from learning to code.

2018-12-06 - “DevOps In the Wild” (LaunchCode Blog) - A beginner-friendly overview of DevOps.

2018-05-02 - “Bridging the digital divide: Problems with internet connectivity, technology acute in schools” (St. Louis Public Radio) - Discussion with documentary filmmaker Rory Kennedy on gaps in access to the Internet and digital skills.

2018-05-08 - “What’s it Like to be a Coding Apprentice?” (CodeNewbie podcast) - A discussion of LaunchCode’s education and tech apprenticeship programs. With Kasey Oglesby, a former LaunchCode student and apprentice.

2015-10-23 - “Reprogramming the workforce: Inside the LaunchCode, CoderGirl curriculum” (St. Louis Business Journal) - An overview of LaunchCode’s programs on the occasion of the opening of the Mentor Center, it’s education facility in St. Louis.